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Bodybuilding's most pointless exercises??

I hate seeing people doing wrist curls.....especially If there are no Ez bars around!!!........Geez If curls, chins, deads and presses can't get your wrists big...then forget it..

"I understand what Suarez did": Ronnie O'Sullivan says his sports psychiatrist can help Liverpool hitman Luis

30 Apr 2013 22:30 The Rocket says sports psychiatrist Dr Steve Peters is the perfect man to help Luis Suarez through his current problems Ronnie O’Sullivan reckons his rock can rescue football wild man Luis Suarez and bring back Liverpool’s glory

German bodybuilder criticises LÖW

the World Champion body builder from GERMANY says the way LÖW's Mannschaft is STRETCHING is ALL WRONG

WTS Supplements

Things I am selling : Myofusion On Whey Syntha 6 Muscle Infusion True Mass Supet Mass pm me or contact me for more detail and prices 017 - 3989784

Harry Redkapps comments were Scandalous. A Spurs fan speaks.

by Jack Howes Yesterday Harry Redknapp had one of his usual interviews with Sky Sports News. He does these chummy interviews with Talksport or Sky Sports News more than almost any other manager and this willingness to chat to the media has

Thanks Adam....

I just want to take a minute and thank Adam, (blown86hallet) for helping me with my workout/dieting questions. I have been following his diet advise as close as I can, and would like to say, I wasn't really looking to "gain" weight, but I did.

My girls first Figure comp...

Hey, hey,,,,Everyone. This was My girls first Figure comp. Las Vegas, Saturday April 7th 2012, (the Cutler desert classic). She was super hard and crisp Friday evening, but the carb loading screwed her up.. Next time no CARB loading before the

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