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Plastic Paradise Forum for Blythe Dolls

Free forum for Blythe Dolls including Takara and Kenner as well as other new and vintage dolls including Blythe Clones, Pullip family, Susie Sad Eyes, Emerald Witch, Dawn and Petite Blythe. Buy, Sell,

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Blythe Kingdom

The perfect place to learn more about Blythe and similar dolls, share your own knowledge, BUY/SELL/TRADE/BARTER Blythe.

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Blyth Pottery? (English)

I’m so happy to have found this forum! I’m just learning about pottery, glass and ceramics, and this will be a great resource! Thank you all for sharing your knowledge!I’ve obtained this pitcher and bowl, and the seller told me it was “antique”. It

Is Mahya Blythe black or Indian (Hindu)?

Is Mahya Blythe black or Indian (Hindu)?Mahya Blythe of Mai-Otome fame is a beautiful exotic girl, we all know this. I just can't put my finger on what she's supposed to be. Maybe the forehead gem, baggy pants and turban is a giveaway fo

Randy Blythe's Sounds Like a Top Bloke.

Although most of you probably don't care that much about him. He released a statement about his incarceration and the charges laid against him.

Welcome to Plastic Paradise!

WELCOME TO Plastic Paradise!!This is the perfect place to learn more about Blythe, the Pullip family, Petite Blythe (both Takara and Littlest Pet Shop) and other similar plastic dolls (i.e. funky big eyed friends and vintage plastic dolls), share your

Blythe Colour Works

Richard Quinn gave me Xmas work schedules for Crown Lynn that list the major maintenance tasks planned for the Xmas/New Year shutdowns. They record who worked and what work was completed when. In one year there is list of supplies carried on a ship

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