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20th Century Pottery, Glass, Art & Collectables

Discuss, research and identify 20th Century pottery, glass, fine art, lighting, furniture, and decorative arts.

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Could this vase be Dumler & Breiden or U-Keramik 507/14


Alforan keramik?

I see we have no thread of Alforan keramik. Is it a manufacturer or a retailer? BTW, form number 2/11

Bay Keramik

Mod note: Established by Eduard Bay in 1933 Bay Keramik produced a vast range of pottery. Key designer: Bodo Mans.


Planter form number 740/16. Thanks, Bas :pig:

Beautiful Green Bay-Keramik Planter Questions

I would love to learn more about this piece. Age? Rarety? Approximate value? Markings on the bottom are Bay-Keramik W-Germany 44 22. Measures 8" high and 9" wide. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Multicolor "bubbles" vase marked Ke..? Keramik

Hello, This is my first time posting on the forum, though I've been lurking occasionally for awhile. (Hopefully, I've done all the right steps - but please let me know if anything is not kosher. Also, yes, these are our images.) I was wondering if

My phallus

Ive seen your pathetic little piece and i raise you 60cm plus As Fonzie might say Kev `Sit on it´

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