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The BlackSoul Pack

A fantasy pack where you can choose to be on the good side, The BlackSoul Pack, or the enemy, The DeathSong Pack. Beginner to intermediate roleplayers welcome!

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Invasion 3042 Wolf's Dragoons

Wolf's Dragoons Forum for Invasion3042

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Free forum : Sky Dragoons

Free forum : A Warcraft guild on Stormrage EU PVE. Free forum : Sky Dragoons

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This is the forums for The Dragoon Brotherhood.

This is the forums for The Dragoon Brotherhood. This is the forums for The Dragoon Brotherhood.

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Rorkes Drift Cemetery.

Apart form the memorial in the cemetery there is a solitary grave. Does anyone know whom this belongs to? And was he killed during the Battle at Rorke’s Drift. If not why was he buried in the Rorkes Drift cemetery as I thought this was only for those that

William Henry HIPPISLEY

William Henry HIPPISLEY (1855) continued to reside at Sparsholt Manor after he had sold Lambourne Place to his brother-in-law. He was educated at Eton and gazetted Lieutenant in the Royal Berkshire Militia on the 15th March 1873, but resigned on the 3rd


WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER JAMES. Sub-Lieutenant, 28 February, 1874. Lieutenant, 28 February, 1874. Captain, 22 December, 1880. South African War, 1879. Zulu Campaign. Battle of Ulundi (slightly wounded). Despatches, Lotidon Gazette^ 21 August, 1879.

Dragoons. By KILWORTH,Garry Douglas

"An Ensign Early novel set in the Anglo-Zulu War. South Africa, May 1879. Ensign Early of the 24th Foot division is only just warming to his role as the Provost-Marshal in the British army encampment at Landman’s Drift when an unidentified body turns

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