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Federacion de Airsoft de Puerto Rico

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Parlez Vous Francais? Where there is smoke, there is fire....or is it just a smokescreen? Or none of the above.... What is going on?

Saludos from Puerto Rico !!! ....

I am so very gald you guys are here !!! I am in the process of buying an XR650. Well, will like to be brief to introduce myself. I started riding dirtbikes when I was about 5, and I am 49, so I have been riding for over 40 years easily. I have riden

Puerto de Almería 10km (Spain) Round the port in Almería, Andalucia, Spain. Fast and completely flat. Just a few sharp turns.

Looking for a Ride to Puerto Vallarta from Ajijic soon - Jan 25, 26th or ?

Is anyone going to Puerto Vallarta soon and would like some company and gas money? I would really appreciate a friendly ride from Ajijic rather than going to Guadalajara to take a bus. You can send a message on this post or to

Puerto Escondido

The light in Puerto Escondido is magical, in part because the harbour town is so secluded from the rest of Mexico. Noah Richler/Photo for the Toronto Star OAXACA PROVINCE, MEXICO—Puerto Escondido, “the hidden port,” is built on a gentle cove in the

"La Fiebre PR" "The Fever or Car Fever in Puerto Rico"

its been 3 or 4 months since we revived the old forgotten "Fever" in the North Area of PR and since its been so good and full of new ppl, I started a Youtube Channel dedicated to it. Here's the first video, taken and edited yesterday 10/16/2010.

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