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Lurch the Larch

I did some rewiring on my big larch over the pat few days. I forgot my trademark size-indicating Ardbeg bottle, but the tree is about 26" from pot rim to apex and about 30" across at its widest point. It was getting overcrowded at the tail en

Some other birds from my first 2012 birding trip (Bukit Tinggi)

Some other mixed shots from my recent Bukit Tinggi trip. 3 lifers to start the year . This guy was catching the morning sun high in a dead tree. Tiger Shrike by ChongBT, on Flickr Tiger Shrike by ChongBT, on Flickr This little fellow was

Birding Ethics & Etiquette

Dear Moderators, Please make this sticky as we add & improve these guidelines to ensure the safety of birds & humans when we are out in the field. As posted by CCPLim of Avian Watch Asia:- Before you embark on your great natural world

Birding in Penang

Hi brothers, Intending to head for Penang Island in a few months time. Wondering if there are any good birding spots ? Thanks in advance..

Birding with Nikon Mirrorless Camera - Nikon J1

Got an opportunity to try out new mirrorless camera system - Nikon 1 J1 coupled with AFS 300mm f/4 using an adaptor FT1 specially developed by Nikon to get existing F-mount AFS Nikkors to be used together with the camera. A firmware update is necessary to

Birding in Genting Highland

These are from yesterday's trip to Genting Highland. Quite a dry day, but the usually suspects were around to keep me company. 1. White-browed Shrike Babbler by ChongBT, on Flickr Only manage to get the girl, the boys did not want to be photographe

Nature/birding Hide Questions

To my fellow birders or bird photogs, In our pursue to see or shoot (photograph) the elusive & timid birds, we have employ many methods to get closer to the birds. So my question extends to those of you that uses the hide method. 1) How do you

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