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Barter Promosi

No : E-mail/2009Oct/Istimewa Hal : Penawaran Kerjasama Barter Promosi Client : Istimewa Kepada Yth. Bapak / Ibu Direktur Utama Ditempat. Up : Marketing Communication Manager Izinkan kami memperkenalkan diri, kami dari Radio Cakrawala

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Blythe Kingdom

The perfect place to learn more about Blythe and similar dolls, share your own knowledge, BUY/SELL/TRADE/BARTER Blythe.

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Front window repair

Heres another problem, I finally got her on the road after sitting for twenty months with a blown tranny. The trans and the new converter are working great. I put the passengers window down, no problem, put it up I believe the glass has seperated

This is a "Very Hot Chick" I actually saw in person once...

It happened in a Miami Beach gym I'm a guest on and off called Equinox, during a Gaspari Nutrition presentation she's the spoke woman.....her name is Marzia Prince, Ms.Bikini Universe 2007, enjoy it!

Some of my Tommy Gunns

Just a Flickr link to some of my TGs. I've mentioned in another post with my VAM collection I have many others, just not pictured or customised with modern 1/6th uniforms both WW2 Axis, British and Modern British (Iraq War, old style DPMs) as well as

Cyberdark/machine/synchro Deck ( Trial )

MONSTERS: 19 --------------- marshmallon x1 debris dragon x1 cyberdark keel x2 cyberdark edge x2 cyberdark horn x2 black salvo x2 magna drago x2 masked dragon x2 morphing jar x1 sangan x1 night assailant x1 spirit reaper x1 plaguespreader

1/8 Hummer/Humvee body @ S$59/79

hey guys, went to Tai Sing today, saw some Hummer/Humvee hardbodies that are mounted on toy chassis with 1.9 tires, i think can be a great body to start off from! the scale says 1/8, but it seems more like 1/10 truck size.. should fit chassis like scx10..

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