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Which one will govern RA 9184 or COA?

it is stated in IRR Part A of RA 9184 that head of the procuring entity refers to the governing board or its duly authorized officials for GOCC. also stated in its' repealing clause that any of the following; presidential decree, rules and

How About an Idiot's Guide to 9184?

Is it enough that we conduct expensive seminars that only a chosen few are able to attend? Those chosen few who are either interested, forced, or attend just for the certificate. Well I've read the law and it's implementing rules yet it is still too

Clarifications on what are the Items that can be procured through Shopping under sec. 52.1(b) and Small Value with ABC within the thresholds of Annex H of IRR ra 9184

I just like to ask clarifications regarding the treatment of the following ITEMS which were treated as Small Value Procurements: 1) Supply and Delivery of Laptops/Notebook ABC 420,000.00 - posted by DBM 2) Supply and Delivery of Double Cap

Protest mechanism under R.A. 9184

Good Day! An eligible bidder has the right to file a letter of reconsideration if in his opinion the BAC had committed erroneous interpretation on their own bidding rules like for example the sealing and marking of envelopes? When this letter of

In search of a Specific Article in the RA 9184

I hope you could help me locate and site a specific article in the RA 9184 or any applicable Philippine laws which can support the claim of one of our lecturers regarding the right for any prospective bidder to view and know the items to be bidded during


What happens if despite the advertisement of invitation to bid in the PHiLGEPS, posting in some conspicuous places of the office and in other offices and even advertsing it one media and radio, there has only one prospective bidder who responded and

Expect Amendments of RA 9184 soon!

Yes, there will be amendments of the law itself; thus amendments to specific portions of the IRR will follow (again). We now better start thinking and looking back on what provisions of the law needs to be amended and what needs to be retained.

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