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EAFL | The European American Football League

The EAFL - Probably the best Madden 25 PS3 online franchise league in Europe. Now in our 18th season!

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EAFL League Rules: Madden 25

EAFL League Rules Site Rules No trash talking! Game Rules Game Skill Level: All-Madden Quarter Length: 9 Minutes Accelerated Clock: down to 20 Seconds Injuries: On Fatigue: On Trading: On - No CPU Trades Weather: On Max Users: 32 Draft

The Idiot's Guide to the EAFL Site

I have decided to create an "Idiot's Guide to the EAFL Site", because I am getting a lot of pm's asking me questions about various matters where the information is already posted on the site. So in an effort to save myself some time, please

1st EAFL Monkey Mock Draft Season III Picks 1-10

Here you go. Obviously this is based purely on need and value at each slot as well as Shaz not going for a FS. Picks 11-21 and 22-32 to follow. 1st EAFL Monkey Mock Draft 1. Tennesse Titans: Dermonti Blount, FS, Ball State, 87ov With the first

EAFL Knockout Cup, Round 1

Here is the draw for the first round. Once again, the numbers were drawn from a number randomiser and the team numbers correspond with those on the owners' list (CIN is #1 and STL 32). The randomiser is also published below the fixtures. Rules are as

The EAFL Grantland-style Mega NFL Preview - Part Two

Part Two: Teams that won’t live up to expectations Cleveland Superbowl Odds: 100-1 Cleveland had a smashing start to the season in the league’s toughest division – 7 wins in the first 10 games. But after surprising the slow-starting Bengals, they had

EAFL Draft class preview

Here is a list ov the top players in this draft. QBs J Gibson 83ovr 6,5 238lb Florida 1st/2nd round 48spd 53acc 96THP 81sac 73mac 86dac 86pac 72sta 75inj He would be a good fit for a team looking for a pocketpasser but will need a Vgood Oline,

Important Announcement Regarding The Future Of The EAFL

As many of you know, this league has been going strong since 2009 and will continue to do so with the help of all owners and their continued support. We have seen many changes(most for the better) to this league and during Madden 11, ran with both

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