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Heroes Network

The Heroes Network is the place where SuperHeroes can socialize, network, and teach and learn from each other in a peaceful and friendly environment. We have a forum, a Listing, and a Portal for people.

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Real Life Superheroes- The Forum

Real Life Superheroes exist. This is a site for real life superheroes and those interested in them.

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Voluntary Manslaughter

A clan created during Call of Duty 4 and expanded to Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3

#bf3clan, #battlefield, #clan, #modern, #warfare, #call, #duty

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Videos to Help Aspiring RLSH

RLSH 101: RLSH Framework Episode 1: RLSH Framework Episode 2:

Why are you doing this RLSH thing?

Okay, today I'm wondering what got you into this gig? There's a real wide spectrum of answers here, both fun and serious, so pick as many as they apply to you. If you have more to say, we'd like to here it, but you don't have to get too personal if it'

RLSH team rules discussion

I talked to Danners today and we came up with a list of some rules that we think should be standard for a RLSH team to avoid incident. I am posting this for discussion purposes, feel free to add to it, as it is a rough draft. Rules for joining my

RLSH Videos

On Patrol With Master Legend: Real-Life Superhero [Mini-Documentary] Fox News: Real Life Superheroes Fight Crime on Streets Worldwide Nov. 2011 - Thanatos doing a public Q&A

An idea for a great Detective RLSH novel

A man is found walking down the street with a baseball bat stuffed into his buttocks and upon investigation the detective force find that he was a school teacher who had molested over 50 kids this is not the first in a series of vigilante style

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