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Voluntary Manslaughter

A clan created during Call of Duty 4 and expanded to Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3

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Celebrity Spotlight #7: Nicole Lyn AKA Ms. Nix

Lyn was born to Cherl Gabay, a Jamaican woman of African descent, and Peter Lyn, a Jamaican man of Chinese and Caucasian descent. She grew up in the Toronto area. As a child, Nicole danced in the National Ballet School's Junior Dance division, and was als

Miss World 2012 Dances of the World auditions

Miss World 2012 Dances of the World auditions Special thanks to Global Beauties

RACHEL "Raquel" BONILLA - 16 yo - Schaumurg (NW of Chicago) IL

A community in the northwest suburbs is uniting to find a missing teenager. Raquel "Rachel" Bonilla, 16, has been missing for three days. Bonilla is a junior at Schaumburg High School but never made it home on Wednesday. Her family says she

ALISSA BROUGOYNE - 14 yo - Pierre Part LA

14-year-old girl missing after being picked up by teen to go bowling Credit: Assuption Parish Sheriff's Office From left to right: Brougoyne, Miller Posted on January 21, 2012 at 2:51 PM PIERRE

Hundreds turn up for Tastee audition

HUNDREDS of hopefuls from across Jamaica gathered ahead of the 8:00 am start for the second audition in the 2013 Tastee Talent Trail held at the company's car park in Cross Roads, St Andrew, recently. From the huge gathering which comprised senior

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