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AIS Removal kit... Ideas??? Airbox outlet ID???

Well guys I've been dragging my backside making the AIS block off plate . One of the local boys here hit me up to make one so I flashed out a few quick ones. Not the prettiest laser cutting job but they work fine. Cut them from 3.0 mm stainless steel. I

AIS and stock pipe

Should I replace the AIS unit if I am running the stock pipe again. I will be running it for about a month and just wondering if in that time the Cat will get plugged up?????

AIS Removal

This shows the hole where the AIS unit used to be and the plug that was connected to it. I guess its ok to just zip tie this plug somewhare out of the way? This bugger did NOT want to come off!! Krabill's kit is on the way...

AIS and backfires

So just for fun I unplugged the AIS and went for a spin. This created massive amounts of backfires on decel. I have some with it plugged in, but unplugged it was crazy. Is this how it will be if I remove all the stuff? I have a FMF powerbomb, FMF Q4,

AIS vs Air Flapper

I'm a bit confused on these two guys and was hoping somebody might know the answer to the following questions. (1) According to "If you go with an aftermarket exhaust, the AIS is no longer serving any purpose and will actually

Popping AIS removal

So I decided to pull some smog and noise abatement gubbins off the bike this weekend. The AIS is a good place to start. I thought I'd see what difference it would make before I ripped it all off and simply disconnected the plug and took it for a quick

What can I eliminate in the Airbox + AIS w/o a CEL code?

OK so time to do the Airbox mod / AIS removal that ive been hearing about everywhere. Ive read some threads on other forums, but I cant seem to get a clear idea of what in all I can take out WITHOUT sending a CEL code. I know I need to tape the

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