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Here we have a forum dedicated to the st bernard!we want people to post who have an intrest in the breed from Breeders to pet owners from people who show there saints to people who admi

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Free forum : GH-Jokers

Free forum : This is for all GH lover, over 18. Free forum : GH-Jokers

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Stanley - Soppy 6 month old male St Bernard cross Boxer

Contact/organisation details: All Animal Rescue 02380 893188 or Does the animal have rescue back up?: Yes Location: Southampton Number of groups: 0 (repeat the following for each group) Group: 0 Number of animals:

Pebbles - 3 yr old Beautiful St Bernard fostered by Four Paws Animal Rescue (South Wales)

Pebbles Breed - St Bernard Age - 3 years (but acts like a 1 year old) Dog Friendly - Yes Cat Friendly - No, Pebbles will not be homed with cats People Friendly - Yes - very   Child Friendly - Yes   House Trained - Yes. Spayed - Yes Travel -

Saint Bernard puppies ~Pics~

Today, our Cindy gave birth to 9 puppies! This is the first time ever, that we have puppies, so we are really excited Many to take care of... Motherly love No words, just enjoying

Barney St Bernard

Incoming 6 years old not claimed from pound

Boedi - 6 month old St Bernard

Pawz for Thought are a rescue and re-homing charity (Charity number 1103331), based in north east of England. Our pets are only re-homed after vet and home checks, there is an adoption donation and all dogs are neutered, if old enough, vaccinated, and

Melissa the st bernard x

needs a home .... but the kennels dont think she will be re-homed... no rescues want her as she is dog agressive and sometimes human agressive... shes bitten the staff, although not seriously! but still scary!... shes running out of time, they cant keep

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