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The original roleplay from chicken smoothie

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Hello there, We have recently started affiliating our forum with other roleplay sites, collections, etc. We do have some requirements to affiliation so please read them over before asking to affiliate, thanks! Your website must be animal-related Your

Chicken Smoothie Account

Hi! I have a Chicken Smoothie account. It's called☺☻Petalpelt☻☺ . Feel free to trade with me, or send pets. (I have no trading rules but I prefer pets on my wishlist for trades.) I have no rares (Yet!). Tell who you are on Chicken Smoothie and maybe we


So here is my pet I adoptted on chicken smoothie that looks like Spottedleaf: Pet's name: Spottedleaf Adopt virtual pets at Chicken Smoothie!


This year's Beltane celebration is coming! Come join us for an awesome time. It's practically guaranteed.

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