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Everyone's World

A Portal for everyone to come and mingle where all are welcome. Innapropiate behaviour will NOT be tolerated for a second email

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All Breeds Dog Forum

All Breeds Dog Forum : Chat, discuss, debate, ask advice or just browse - a place for anything and everything dog related! Mixed breeds are welcome!

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German behaviour

What are the best and funniest examples of German behaviour that you have seen ? Here's one. OK, it was the early to mid 1970s. We would be out 'on the pop'. Went into the discos and the like, where boozing and dancing used to go on. Very

Forum Behaviour

Looking at the recent posts in the "Is Spiritualism really evolving?" thread, I have to say I am really disappointed at the type of behaviour present in this forum compared to a year ago. The occasional quickly resolved spat from back then has

Behaviour: DST Domains 1, 2, 3, and 4

At the moment I am reading as much as I can about "Challenging Behaviour", as this is the first domain in the DST...very complex subject. Challenging behaviour as a consequence of a diseased brain e.g. “Dementia,” I believe is no different t

This behaviour is out of character..

Hi, My husband's dream: He had a dream that in the dream he told me about another dream he'd had (dream in a dream) where he'd had sex with one of his female colleagues. And that he felt guilty and wanted to tell me. But in the dream, when he told me

Expectations-self regulated behaviour

n important aspect to creating a safe, learning, and supportive environment is for members to self-regulate their behavior while posting or chatting on this board. Self-regulation is often difficult, but practicing controlling our own behavior helps

Childish Behaviour in an adult

"Here’s the thing about acting like a child: children have no power. They’re smaller than almost everything else in their environment, they lack the skill and the experience required to manipulate the world around themselves successfully, and th

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