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In the begining, a line was drawn - a line between Good and Evil. The faithful and the fallen, caught in the ongoing battle for the souls of man. Which will they choose? Light? Darkness? Or the shades of grey in between?

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Zoey's dream in the begining of the book (don't read if you have not read Hunted)

I look up the white dress Zoey was wearing and when it said shells and other decoraion, I knew that was what A-ya had been wearing when the wise woman planned to trap Kalona.

Colors starting with.....

The object of the game is to name as many colors as you can starting with the given letter.. Name as many as you can till answers run out, and then cast out another letter. I will start! C - Crimson, The next poster must give another answer wit

The Begining.

One day Sakuna started walking around aimlessly. Then after he got to the beach he started pacing back and forth like he was waiting for someone. He then leaned back on a rock and looked up. "Someday everyone will like me."

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