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Singapore Gundam Society

Singapore Gundam modelling society for everyone around the world

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How to safely remove paint from Gundam model kit

Not sure have this been ask before. I have one painted old model that i want to repaint with a totally different color.Instead of sanding away the old paint parts by parts, is there a faster way to remove all the acrylic paint from the kit without

Gunpla Builder world cup

yo bros. im sure most of u might know this already, but i just wanna share here. like the earlier competition is a bye-bye.

Start Gunpla-ing! - complilation

this tutorial is very good for new modellers to kickstart this hobby...How to build MG gundamsCredits to Michael Fichtenmayer of Fichtenfoo.netBasic tools neededtips and tricksthanks to GameraBaenre.Chubbybots guide to Gunpla!thanks

Where to find gunpla/hobby shops in Hokkaido?

Any bros got any info on this?Thnx..

Gunpla Photography?

I was just wondering how you photograph your completed kits. I'd like to share my setup for photographing my kits:Can you share yours here?

My Current Gunpla

This is My First Gunpla, i really like this , it have classic katana sword!and my second gunpla, RG RX-78-2 Gundamand i like how this one came out! my third gunpla, Aile Strike Gundam!sorry for the bad quality, i only used phone camera

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