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i need a clean impala ss housing or complete rearend.. just pulled my new one all apart to rebuild it and the case is detroyed. something got chewed up in the rearend and broke the case need to find a housing asap will come pick up

One serious DAC - rebuilding efforts

Hi guys, Recently I got the privilege to help a friend rebuild his DAC into a single chasis with highly optimized grounding path and the shortest signal path. This is one serious dac using TDA1541 non-os, Sowter I/v converter and SRPP output stage.

Rebuilding Mordheim

Hey guys, Figured I start posting up my terrain works in progress for some C&C. Finally talked my friends into reviving a campain and am building a table. I have a couple of months to get atleast the basics down as thats about time our RPG game will

Deuce and a Half rebuild WIP

Yep, you've guessed it. I'm rebuilding my Deuce and a Half. Another one of my Zany WWII Vehicle Projects. Right now, My Deuce looks like this: I find it a bit lacking. It wasn't wide enough, and I thought it didn't look enough like a Deuce. I then

So What Is The Going Rate For a Rearend?

My bro wants to ditch his peg leg 2:56 come spring for something with a posi, preferably a 9C1 or Impala rear. What's the going rate for a ready to go rear end in good shape with preferably low miles?

FM-3 rebuild photos on photobucket

Here are the pics of the complete FM-3 rebuild I did.

ST-70 Rebuild

First off I would like to say.... great board! I have been reading and learning and developing a great respect and appreciation for all of you out there! and now the time has come for me to ask for HELP/Advice. I recently decided to re-build my trusty

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