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Bearville Guide - The Build A Bearville (BABV) Forum! Visit bearvilleguide. com for complete game guide, codes, contests, prizes, rare items, exclusive chatbox and everything else Build-A-Bearville!

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How many bearmail friend requests do you get a day?

I usually get at least five. It's kinda annoying, it takes so long to delete them all.

Map and Bearmail changes

So many exciting things have been going on in Build-A-Bearville lately! Jr.Reporter bellastylin3 discovered a cool new map feature: If you click on your map, you will see a little box that can help you find you way around. And our very own

Free Gift From Santa! Check Your BearMail!

Santa and his e-elves have specially crafted a virtual gift for citizens in Bearville! Check your Bearmail for your holiday treat!

Guys check your bearmail

There is a cruise ship ticket from chloe rocks right? well how do u use it ???????? and whats the actual point of it thanks for reading wondering lol plz answer

Daphne can you bearmail me the pjs I won from auction?

Daphne can you bearmail me the hello kitty pjs I got from auction?

Free Ride or BVO Game Card on your BearMail!

The fun on BABV just keeps getting better! Check your bearmail for a FREE Ride or BVO game card with any purchase at any Build-A-Bear Workshop store. Hurry - this offer ends July 15th!

Toy castle 2013 santa bearmail

check bearmail to get virtual toy castle from Santa.

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