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Slimming undergarments

For anyone interested one of the Spreets deals for today are slimming pants. Have been on TV 2 pr (1pr beige and 1 pr black) for $39 save 67%. Offer is for today only and finishes about midnight.

Smoothing Undergarments

I saw another lady's post in the general section, about a smoothing garment that was on special.. Which has led me to start thinking.. What do you think is the best type of "smoothing undergarment"? I think everyone wants a smoother

Warrior diet and training supplements

I have been on the warrior diet for a couple of months now and am really happy with the results. I have never been leaner and as a keen climber operating at a reasonable standard this is very important to me. The only problem I am having with this

Toning Tables

Has anyone used toning tables? do you think they work? Have just been for a aquaMed massage (you lie on a bed fully clothed and jets of water massage you through the bed) and a foot detox which was a living social deal and there were a lot of toning table

ThinsLine from Nutriline Wellness, slimming & beauty!

ThinsLine from Nutriline Wellness, slimming products!! One of the main products of Nutriline Wellness. It is a healthy supplementary product but not a meal replacement food help for slimming by natural plants, safe and free of side effects, no reboun

50 today

Get the drinks in boys its time to celebrate 50 years young today

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