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Planking in MineCraft? Wtf?

Lol was on for like two minutes and ran into this, I think it's whitetiger but I have no idea because, as you can see, There's no name. Just thought it was funny :P. [img]

The first planker. Yes Luigi invented planking. He is indeed the first planker.Gotta give him credit for this ;D .

Pde in battlefield3

do we have anybody on our clan that plays this game? if yes, add me or type here your origin id so i can u. my origin id its caho0 and how about we make a pde platoon? off topic: today new patch, 1.5gb of buff and nerf... lets see how this goes.

Battlefield 3 Roll Call - December 2011

Please reply to this thread with your GAMERTAG to be listed as an active Battlefield 3 player/member. This ONLY for members who intend to play BF3 actively with the clan. This is mostly a head count to see how much interest the clan has in this game, an

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