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Open forum for spearfishing/spearing. Catering to California spearo's. Videos, reports, discussion, pictures, and questions welcome. Drama and lurkers are not.

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Free forum : Banging Bastodion - Pokemon Forum

Free forum : Pokemon Forums to discuss pokemon, pokemon news, training tips, and have wi-fi trades/battles! Soon gyms will be formed!

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Popping and banging ???

Gday guys, oops and girls, I read somewhere on the site in the mechanical section about popping and banging (backfire) after you change the muffler, I have just fitted an IXIL with baffle removed and on overrun its like an M16 can some one help me with a

Spearfishing report

Went out friday from 7am to 6 pm spearfishing and freediving in Barnegat Inlet and the bay. Tried to dive off the dike but the vis was horrible. took two shots on 2 15lb bass in the inlet and missed both or misjudged the distance. Lots of BIG tog and

Spearfishing report, Stone harbor/avalon/SIC/OC

Dove everywhere I could this weekend, had a blast. Sunday I Saw some big fluke way behind OC under a bridge, didnt shoot any though. Dove in the bay by the tuckahoe inn, grabbed a few blueclaws from the grass and pilings and a few greenies for tog bait.

TReasure coast spearfishing report!

Hit the beach today, friends hung out while I took a quick swim just to poke around. Water was in the low 70s. Greeted by crevalle jack and stupid little bluefish bullrushing me in 6 feet of water.... LOL. Swam out about 150 yds from the beach to 8-12 fee

Becks caught banging someone else.

TORRANCE, Calif. — Authorities say David Beckham was behind the wheel of a car that rear-ended another vehicle on a Southern California freeway. The California Highway Patrol said Saturday the soccer great was not hurt in Friday morning’s crash, but th

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