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DOF - 08.08.2013

At COT request, the Government's making a DOF tonight to help our allies. Join #eBe_MOD in 12:00 eRep time (21:00 CET), and you'll be told what to do!You will need to fight in a specific battle, then provide a SS with your damage done, and you will

[TRS] Formula 1 2013

Seconda edizione del TRS Formula 1 campionato che scatterà il 12 Gennaio 2012 e che sarà aperto a tutti i team presenti nel panorama italiano dell' online racing, con team formati da 2 piloti ognuno.La mod presenta 4 modelli di vetture della stagione

2013 ALMS Championship

Level 5 have pulled out entirely. Shocker!


SCANDAL ARENA LIVE 2014「360°」Date: 2014/06/22 (Sun.)Venue: Osaka-Jo HallDoors: 16:30Start: 17:30Price: S seats - 6,000 yen/A seats - 5,500 yenSCANDAL ARENA LIVE 2014 「FESTIVAL」Date: 2014/06/28 (Sat.)Venue: Yokohama ArenaDoors:

2014 albums you are looking forward to

Title speaks for itself.New Paradise Lost album should come out around spring I think. Not sure since it's been a while since I've read about it.Virgin Steele's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell 1+2 and Invictus reissues will come out this Februari.

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