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A Pokemon Online Clan of dedicated players who can balance Pokemon alongside normal lives.

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CHAT Free forum : a place to chat, post, or make y

Free forum : a place to chat, post, or make your own clan or group

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AC Balance

So the VTA70 board has an AC balance feature, which I understand should not be adjusted without the right measuring equpment. But what exactly does this feature do, and if different driver/splitter tubes are rolled in, would it need to be adjusted?

Spell Balance Question/Idea

So what's the word on spells that block off an area or create walls or somesuch? I've been working on a Wood Elf warband for a while (who hasn't?) and I was wondering if there's any precedent for a magic spell that blocks movement. This seems like a

Pas 3 Balance Pot

Anybody have a source for a replacement balance pot...also what is the ohm value recommended. Thanks. Kico

AC Balance Pots On Board

Hi folks, I have recently completed re-construction of an st-70 using the VTA board. After replacing an output transformer (you were absolutely right Bob...thank you) I have the 1st of 2 amps up and running in my system. Bias adjustment is simple and

St-70 balance bias control kit

I just put one of these items on my clone with the older sds cap board and some Mcshane russian tubes. Just wouldn't come in right the plates were glowing on all tubes put the thing back to stock and we hit a homer. Maybe it is something with that cap

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