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Goblin Bait

Pathfinder RPG

#goblin, #bait, #pathfinder

Striped Bass Obsession

A total salt water fishing forum that covers every aspect of fishing

#fishing, #striper, #bass, #surf, #stripedbass, #striped, #lure, #building, #plug, #blue, #fish, #pole, #jetty, #bait, #chat, #forums

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Emiko Asahina [Kumo Genin ] DONE

Emiko Asahina THE INFO. Name: Emiko Asahina - - NICKNAMES ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ EMI The typical nickname for Emiko. Mostly going by this name amongst the people she knows, ranging from her friends to the people she commonly talks to withi

Actress Ideas for Erin

Who would you want to play Erin in a movie?

So...we have ads now >.< *EDIT: Nevermind!*

There are those really annoying ads at the top of the message board, and they never used to be there for me. I can't figure out why they suddenly appeared. Well, that's irritating. It looks like I'd have to pay $35 to get rid of them for a year

Gilgamesh: Hysterical Strength

Name: Gilgamesh: Hysterical Strength Energy Cost: 30 Energy Requirements: Naraca's Gilgamesh Gauntlets and Greaves must be fully charged Class: Offense Primary Element: N/A Secondary Element: N/A Duration: 5 posts Drawbacks:

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