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The UnTilted Forum

I have absolutly no idea what to name it... I made the background Vampire Diaries because its just awesome.. Also this is the NEW RPING place.. lol

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3d background

ok guys started the new background. if you want make one of these this is what you will need. celtec board sharp knife i use the extendable stanley knife hacksaw blade straight edge silicone sealer aquarium freindly i use bondit ha6 heat gun / ga

What's your Ethnic Background?

Salutations, Multiverse! Today, let's talk about our ethnic background and see who's the most exotic. I'm a Hispanic boi. Peruvian to be exact, born in the United States. My parents claim I have Italian in me as well, which does seem accurate. More

Working with true white background for photoshoots

ok..when there's black.. there must be white aint it? so here's the white background for photoshoots tutorial. Personally i prefer dark and black background

90's background.

Y'know, I spent hours making the new background, and then realized that you can't see 90% of the fucking thing anyway!!! So I post it here. It doesn't look like much, but it took so long finding the pics and fucking with layers.

Pokemon background

I really need a good youtube pokemon background if you can make one for me ill give you anything you want as long as I have it..I'd like the pokemon to be at the sides if you can make it black and white it or shaded or colorful..please include Registeel

[Vintage] WD225 Mordheim Background

Here is the material for WD 225 Mordheim. I have not seen too much action since I have posted them of late.

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