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The Forum of the European Babo Violent 2 Community. European Babo Community

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European Commission Traineeship: The forum for past, present and future EC trainees!

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Windows 7 and lag

Ok so, I've started using Windows 7 seeing as more and more ppl have started using that OS. While it's way better than Vista would ever have a chance to become IMHO XP is the only system that has no problems when it comes to gaming. The reason for


Unban me. Gloom banned me due to not liking me, and for no other VALID REASONABLE excuse. I'm a babo fan and it keeps me entertained, so I'd appreciate if u would remove me from the banlist. Tnx.

Snorkeling/snorkelling - Nothing Babo related at all

As the topic says this is about snorkeling (or however you spell it, can be spelled both ways I think). I've been snorkeling before but for oh I don't know... maybe 10-12 I haven't been doing it at all so I'm looking forward to getting back to it. Sadly


Hola ! Since we have vertical CTF-Cornered and horizontal CTF-Rornered I was wondering about one of my favorite map Brutus, soooooo I twisted him and called without first letter DM-Rutus. With rainy theme This map is already added to

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