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European Babo Community

The Forum of the European Babo Violent 2 Community. European Babo Community

#european, #babo, #violent, #community

Casey and Andrew's Wedding Planner

A forum for us to plan our wedding easier over the distance.

#casey, #andrew's, #wedding, #planner, #plan, #easier, #over, #distance

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Messing with the character planner

I'm thinking of greater reincarnating Zillee as she was originally a 28pt build, so will be throwing up various ideas for what to do with those extra points as well as looking at rejigging her feats and points. This is mainly for my reference and I'll als

Squad Planner for the XBOX 360 gamers

If you tell me your budget you want to use on buying your team, the formation you want to use and any preferences to certain leagues/nationalltoes you want to use or any certain players that have to be in the team, then I will plan your squad for you. I'm

Enhancements Testing on Lamannia has started - release notes

Lamannia Release Notes: Enhancements AlphaWelcome to the Lamannia Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted on Thursday, April 11th, 2013. These notes are subject to changes and additions... lots and lots of changes

New Enhancement Character Planner

Thought you would like this, saw it on the ddo forum: 

Skillpoint Planner

Tub wrote:Online Skillpoint-Planner (updated for MXL 2012 v005)(works entirely inside your web-browser)FAQ lite:Q: What does this thingy do?A: It allows you to plan how many points you can put into each skill without running out of skill

Epic Destiny Planner

not perfect yet (some of the requirements don't quite work perfectly) but something to look at

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