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European Babo Community

The Forum of the European Babo Violent 2 Community. European Babo Community

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Casey and Andrew's Wedding Planner

A forum for us to plan our wedding easier over the distance.

#casey, #andrew's, #wedding, #planner, #plan, #easier, #over, #distance

Compass Guide Free Members Daily Forum

Free forum : Compass Guide members have found their future, committed it to God, and are identifying their core focus for maximum impact on their future!

#compass, #guide, #forum, #members, #daniel, #daves, #basics, #success, #giant, #tracker, #planner, #planning, #plan, #goal, #setting, #goals

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Squad Planner for the XBOX 360 gamers

If you tell me your budget you want to use on buying your team, the formation you want to use and any preferences to certain leagues/nationalltoes you want to use or any certain players that have to be in the team, then I will plan your squad for you. I'm

Snorkeling/snorkelling - Nothing Babo related at all

As the topic says this is about snorkeling (or however you spell it, can be spelled both ways I think). I've been snorkeling before but for oh I don't know... maybe 10-12 I haven't been doing it at all so I'm looking forward to getting back to it. Sadly

New Enhancement Character Planner

Thought you would like this, saw it on the ddo forum:  

Skillpoint Planner

Tub wrote:Online Skillpoint-Planner (updated for MXL 2012 v005) (works entirely inside your web-browser) FAQ lite: Q: What does this thingy do? A: It allows you to plan how many points you can put into each skill without running out of skill


Hola ! Since we have vertical CTF-Cornered and horizontal CTF-Rornered I was wondering about one of my favorite map Brutus, soooooo I twisted him and called without first letter DM-Rutus. With rainy theme This map is already added to

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