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European Babo Community

The Forum of the European Babo Violent 2 Community. European Babo Community

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Probni forum

Forum koji su osnovali alki i izzy

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Hola ! Since we have vertical CTF-Cornered and horizontal CTF-Rornered I was wondering about one of my favorite map Brutus, soooooo I twisted him and called without first letter DM-Rutus. With rainy theme This map is already added to

Guns N' Roses

THE biggest band from the late 80's - early 90's. Short lived but lived hard! If Axle wasn't such a punk the original band could still be together. LIVE ?!*@ LIKE A SUICIDE - 1986 1."Reckless Life" 2."Nice Boys" 3."Move

Snorkeling/snorkelling - Nothing Babo related at all

As the topic says this is about snorkeling (or however you spell it, can be spelled both ways I think). I've been snorkeling before but for oh I don't know... maybe 10-12 I haven't been doing it at all so I'm looking forward to getting back to it. Sadly

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