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Awkward People

A site where friends can chat. [:

#awkward, #people, #site, #where, #friends, #chat

Umbrella Corporation

The Dead Frontier version of the Umbrella Corporation.

#evil, #umbrella, #corporation, #zombies, #awkward, #dead, #frontier, #roleplay, #experiment

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Advice Columns

Prudie's first letter is all about how giving a baby up for adoption is selfish and not "seeing it through". I wanted to smack the woman. (I'd post a link but it won't let me yet)

Cosmic Plumber's Union

For those of us who belong the the Cosmic Brotherhood of Perpetual Homeowner Plumbing Tasks, Local Sol-3 (Earth), the necessity of installing a new dishwasher is dues-paying time. Like some other unions, the CBPHPT takes its dues in blood: …in this

The Oscars Awkward Jew Jokes

I think Jews are trying to tone it down a little, but the genie is out the bo'el already. The

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