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Tomb Guardians Revisited

I've had a very quick and dirty bash at houseruling a version of the Tomb Kings that I am happy with. I must explain that this is, primarily, for me to make use of some of a Tomb King army that I'm going to get rid of. It's my initial thoughts on a

Close Encounters of the Third Kind revisited

So @DNArignton, I checked out your fine podcast Helix Reviews. The first thing I listened to was your review of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Your analysis of the morality depicted in the story was spot on, and I could see how the early special

OT: FS DVD Copies of Adywans Amazing Starwars A New Hope Revisited

To help fellow TIG'ers out i am now able to sell copies of Adywans Amazing Starwars A New Hope Revisited! Click this link below to find out more about this awesome piece of work! This is how the Special Editions Should have been

OT - Max Rebo Revisited

***** We know that Kenner got the legs of Snaggletooth all wrong in the beginning. But did you know that there was also something wrong with Max Rebo's legs? Apparently he was not sitting inside his organ but on top of it. So he shouldn't

Star Wars Adywan Revisited DVD??

Hello everyone It's my first post so here goes..... Is the Star Wars Adywan Revisited DVD available to buy?? It has to be a hard copy (DVD) The clips I've seen it looks absolutely fantastic so I would really love a copy as it is by far my favourite


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