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The academy of Blueworth: Since 1895.

Blueworth Academy, Founded in the year 1895 by Professor Frank Gilbert, The academy stopped working after the death of Prof. Frank in 1925, After 87 years, Professor Eugene McMahon managed to re-open

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Rudy Eugene, Fla. "face-chewer," called "quiet boy" by former neighbor

Note to Bozo: Here's the "boy next door". ------------------- May 29, 2012 2:45 PM PrintText Rudy Eugene, Fla. "face-chewer," called "quiet boy" by former neighbor By Crimesider Staff (CBS/WFOR/AP) MIAMI - Miami police are asking anyone

CHASTIDY & ZION McPHERSON - 8, 11 YO - / Accused: Eugene Quatron McCoy, brother Lithonia (surburb of Atlanta) GA

April 6, 2011 8:48 AM Mother, 2 children, killed by older son despite restraining order, say Ga. police Eugene Quatron McCoy (CBS/AP/WGCL) Lithonia, Ga. -- A mother and her two children were found stabbed to death Sunday in their DeKalb

Eugene L. Featherman, 23, Sentenced for Abusive Sexual Contact to a child

United States Attorney Brendan V. Johnson announced that a Mission, South Dakota man charged with abusive sexual contact was sentenced on January 9, 2012, by United States District Judge Roberto A. Lange. Eugene L. Featherman, age 23, was sentenced to nin

JEANETTE MAPLES - 16 yo (2009) - Eugene OR

A Eugene couple were arraigned today on charges of aggravated murder by abuse in the death of their 16-year-old daughter, Jeanette Maples. According to court documents, Maples' death came "in the course of, or as a result of intentional maiming and

"John" HARTWIG - 9 yo - Lane County (E of Eugene) OR

A Lane County couple was arrested after their 9-year-old son spent a month in Doernbecher Children's Hospital for multiple fractures and an untreated burn that physicians said were the result of abuse. Rodger Hartwig, 51, and Alona Hartwig, 46, ar

ERNEST EUGENE OVEAL JR - 2 yo (2011)/ Convicted: Father; Ernest Eugene Oveal Sr. - Houston - TX

NE Houston man charged in beating death of his toddler son Jan. 24, 2011,  1:05PM     HPD Ernest Eugene Oveal A father was arrested when his 2-year-old son died after the man said he hit the toddler with a belt to discipline the boy for throwing

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