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Dark Online Games Forums PH. Dark Online Games Forums PH

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What next? Advice requested...

Hi all, When I was last an active member of the forum I documented my progress in coming off dutasteride. Although I've been off the drug for 8 months (and have absolutely no intention of restarting it), I'm now struggling with hair loss again.

Such A Sad Story......... MOBILE, Alabama -- Mallory Owens, the 23-year-old woman who was savagely beaten on Thanksgiving Day by her girlfriend's brother, was welcomed into the suspect's family,

Trade Bank of Iraq requested exclusion from the controls for the issuance of letters of guarantee Russian deal

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. Revealed a document issued by the Trade Bank of Iraq that the Iraqi government continues to Russian arms deal procedures for which raised a lot of question marks and charges on suspicion of corruption. The document is an official

My own personal astral experience (as requested before by Jake/Azazel)

Before I would start my story I would just like to inform everyone that the accounts that you will read are the truth though at some point it would be very hard to explain the how and the why. Though I do hope that you trust me fully on the accounts and

Help requested for article on meditation and practical skills

Hi friends, I don't post here very often, though I do lurk fairly regularly. But now I have something that maybe some of you can help with. As you may know, I'm a helicopter pilot and I earn at least some of my living writing for aviation

Prayer Requested For my Mom-feels shaky

She is 71 -not feeling well- has had bloodwork done Wdnesday waiting for results says she has accepted Jesus but has not shown an intrest in learning more about God/church I dont know where she stands with God Thank you!

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