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Authentic GOLDS INFINITY Pink & Black Lace Dress

Authentic GOLDS INFINITY Pink & Black Lace Dress..!! £40GBP SHIPPED Brought at auction, but now selling <3 UK Sizes: 8 & 10 EU Sizes: 36 & 38 US Sizes: 4 & 6 Multiple sizes can be accomodated due to an elasticate

WARNING: Circle lenes

I was looking to get some circle lenses and ran across this warning. I learn a lot from it and will really think twice about where I get mine from. Please read if you are thinking of getting them.

casey anthony video diary is calculating, shallow but authentic - andrea

January 5, 2012 casey anthony video diary is calculating, shallow but authentic by Andrea O'Connell Excerpt: -Surprise, surprise…. she’s baaaaack! And, in an oh-so-calculating, monotone and self-promoting way that only Casey Anthony could

Dunhill Question for the experts

Hey guys, I just picked up what I believe to be a 1985 Dunhill 5405 in the Chestnut finish w/ a cumberland stem. The only problem is that "Dunhill" isn't stamped anywhere on the pipe. What it DOES have is: -5405 -MADE IN ENGLAND25 -the

Who's making Dunhill 'bacs now?

I was just over to Orlik/STG's site and did not find Dunhill listed anymore on their list of 'bacs they blend. Anyone definitively KNOW WHO is blending them NOW? Here's their current listing of blends they

The "Authentic Badge Artist" Badge

PLEASE DO NOT PM QUESTIONS OR APPLICATIONS TO THIS ACCOUNT THEY WILL NOT BE ANSWERED OR PROCESSED QUICKER! If you are looking for a way for your talents as an IMVU badge artist/pixel artist to be acknowledged then this is what the Authentic Badge

Peterson Sherlock Holmes Pipes???

Are there any brothers out there that own and smoke one or more of the Peterson Series Pipes? If so, which do you have and what are your thought on their smoking qualities and characteristics? Are they worth the extra expense?

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