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8 June 2014: George Clooney meets Fans in Augusta Kentucky

George Clooney is in Kentucky and met with fans at the Rosemary Clooney Museum. Read more HERE.You're on the home page of Clooney's Open House, a George Clooney fan site, for all the latest George Clooney news.  On the forum we've got George

George Clooney meets Fans in Augusta Kentucky - Rosemary Clooney Museum

Thanks to frenchiesThe Rosemary Clooney HouseDedicating new costumes at the Rosemary Clooney Museum this Saturday at 1 pm during Art in the Garden Festival. Monuments Men military uniform from George Clooney, iconic overalls from Oh Brother and th


18 LITTLE KNOWN FACTS ABOUT AUGUSTA NATIONAL GOLF COURSE> > >> 1. The two large trees on the lawn behind the clubhouse are live oaks, which are not native to this part of Georgia ..> Augusta National

Augusta Riverfest Augusta Riverfest Regatta paddling in soon

Rumored to once have been visited by the late Al Capone, the Rufus B II is one of at least five

Show and Tell #4 May - July 2013

This is our Cozy Little Corner down the hall from the Pros ;)where we just post anything we've been working on that we want to share.Everyone has varying skills, so please don't be shy to post....even if you see someone's painting that look waaaaay to

George Clooney's cousin Monsita Ferrer leads Augusta's White Christmas Parade

Looks like fun! Ferrer was identified as the little girl in her father, Jose Ferrer's arms, in this undated

Happy Birthday Augusta Nekochan!!!

  Happy Birthday Augusta Nekochan from the GC!!! 

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