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H. E. A. R. T. offers support through our forum and gatherings to anyone who is recovering from heart surgery or a life threatening heart condition and living an active life.

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This is the FAW Forum. Here you will find the FAWWOD and other great wellness tools.

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Time to declare a Fatwah. Infidels don't fast during Ramadan.

(Muslims stone rape victims to death, but grant absolution to violate a mandatory fast... how convenient.)By Associated Press, Updated: Friday, July 20, 8:10 AMLONDON — With the London Games fast approaching and the Islamic holy month of Ramadan

Athletes with hair loss

I find it strange how younger athletes like Wayne Rooney (who's only in his mid-20s) are suffering from hair loss despite leading what appears to be a healthy lifestyle, what with the fitness regimes and the sport. Not that you would need to worry with th

Athletes foot Cream and Scalp Reaction - Spots

Hi All,I am still using my standard combo of IH6 - Aloe/Garlic/Castor topical and making slow but visible progress.I'm now exploring ways to geometrically advance the speed of my progress.Who knows if I will have any luck.Anyway, I have

Move over T-Bow

"It is everything I thought it would be; being the Olympic champion, it definitely is an amazing feeling.And I give all the glory to God. It's kind of a win-win situation. The glory goes up to him and the blessings fall down on me," says Gabby

Ocean water

I notice that whenever I go surfing, my scalp feels pretty good when I get out of the water. I also noticed that alot of surfers have good heads of hair. Do we retain iodine when we go into the ocean? And does the salt help improve scalp condition?

CS, JDP, etc. Athlete's foot/ Foot Fungus

I have been having a big problem with athlete's foot. The odors have been almost unbearable for me. Do you guys have any recommendations on how I can fix this problem?Thanks

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