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This is a private forum for chatting, posting, and having fun

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discussion of patch ideas, camo prints, field testing items and new producs and contests.

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Coracao Selvagem {Open|Maybe mature}

Paradise...was a failure." Kiba whispered into the blinding wind, his body inching painfully forward. Behind him a bloody trail painted the landscape red. Paw prints imbedded themselves into the snow, as the muscular wolf attempted to raise

Forum Game!

Write the first few words that come to your mind when you read the post of the person above you! We can get some fun talkage even if some of us can only pop in for a second! to this xD

Private J. McCormack, 88th Connaught Rangers Regiment

"James McCormack was born in Liverpool, Lancashire and worked as a labourer, attesting into the British Army as a Private (No.667) into the 88th Connaught Rangers Regiment of Foot on 7th May 1859 when aged 23. McCormark was imprisoned on 14th July

Art Prints of the Zulu War

Zulu War Fine art prints depicting Rorke's Drift, Isandhlwana, Ulundi during the Zulu War. Rorke's Drift art prints by Alphonse De Neuville, Charles Fripp, Mark Churms, Brian Palmer and Stuart Liptrot. Original paintings are available from Cranston Fine

Mission: Weapon Blue-Prints[Septimus, Kyo, Elder Sage and Paradox]

Code:[b]Mission Title:[/b] Weapon Blue-Prints[B] [b]Mission Type:[/b] Generic [b]Mission Location:[/b] Moon Country [b]Shinobi Requirement:[/b] Three

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