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A place to learn about upcoming Group Flights, share Airports and Flight Plans, Post Videos and Pictures, and much more!

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Iraq Bans Turkey Flights

Iraq bans Turkey flights Posted: 20 November 2011 0302 hrs BAGHDAD: Turkish aircraft will be banned from landing at Iraqi airports beginning on Sunday, after Ankara announced a similar move due to a row with Iraq over debts, a transportation ministry

Astrology and Occultist

I have being a student of Astrology for many many years and have always struggled with finding much information on how the stars play out in the chart of Metaphysically gifted individuals. Last night I had a conversation with a professional astrologer wh

Basic astrology question

I have a very basic question I cannot find the answer to online. I guess getting the search right on Google is just too hard. When I read astrology forecasts for the present time, they will talk about planets going into and out of signs. And, they

Daily forecast as per Vedic Astrology System quite free

Hi Friends, Want to know your daily forecast as per Vedic Astrology System quite free? You can know it here: For this you would have to know your Moon Sign. Enjoy! Parender Sethi

???? Russian plane to conduct observation flights over US, Canada

Russian plane to conduct observation flights over US, Canada July 9, 2013 Source: The Voice of Russia A group of Russian inspectors

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