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Astra Productions

Astra Productions

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Jetta Owners Club

The Jetta Owners Club is a venture into the Car Club realm which puts emphasis on meeting like minded people and having fun with our booted VWs

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New life

I might being a little soft here but I would like to show you guys what I love to do besides simracingWas this what you were talking about Carl? Sorry guys, just trying to forget my old life

Astra Militarum Up for Order on GW Site....but something is

So, I am sure everyone noticed that the GW site is now showing Astra Militarum stuff is up for order.However, if you take a peek inside, there are a couple things missing.Sentinels are gone....there is even a broken link that takes you back to the

NEW Astra Militarum (Blobs) vs Dark Eldar (Kabal) 1500pts

The NEW Imperial Guard take on the Dark Eldar, 1500pts. It has been a while since my last battle report! Thanks for tuning in.

Slaying the Astra Militarum

After scouring The Dark City I have been unable to find anything about how to take down the smug imperial guard 6th edition. Now in I think it's time that we have a meeting of the minds and discuss the 12 ton Leman Russ in the room. They are good. They ar

My other car is a.....!!!

Just thout i would post up to see wot every1 was drivin off the track, rather than on.Well i beter go first, so here so pics of my bby:DWill bet gettin a set of skirts so an new 17"s but i cant decide on wot to go for....?

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