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Free forum : toph and the gaang foru

Free forum : this is a forum for toph and his friends. all things regarded to toph and the gaang can be discuss here

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Avatar RPG

A Avatar based RPG! Full of custom characters and custom plot lines. Come and enjoy a site full of friendly people and awesome stories. join now to begin your adventure!

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Takeru Takayanagi

Name :Takeru Takayanagi Nickname:The hungry warrior,Takeru of the wild flame,Beast Gender :Male Age :15 Appearance : Personality :Takeru comes off as a kinda of rash kid he tends to let his feeling get the better of him which causes him to get into

Toph Ohayashi

Name: Toph Ohayashi Nickname: The element queen,Back hand Toph,Spell master,Toph the wild beast,Warrior of the burning leaf Gender: Female Age: 22 Appearance: Personality: Toph is the type of person who tends to be more like a teacher and olde

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