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Free forum : for everyont to have fun

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The start of my new bass from Andy

OK Gang, I give you Ernie! Now as you look at the images, you will no doubt see many areas where Andy cut corners, and where the bass has taken a few dings. Keep in mind that Andy basically slapped this together in one day many years ago when he wanted to

Girls, Guns & G-Strings: The Andy Sidaris Collection

Just came back from Shop Rite where I saw this in the bargain DVD bin for five bucks: This is a collection of all twelve (!) of semi legendary cheeseball action director Andy Sidaris' late '80s/early '90s series of softcore/cheesecake action films

Andy Falco - Guitarist

A blues guitarist Andy Falco has been performing and recording American roots music his whole life. His love for American music has led him through a journey of musical experiences, allowing him to develop many styles and making him one of the most

Art of Andy McCoy

Possibly a Floyd Rose Bass Trem!

I sent an email to Floyd Rose asking about possibly making a bass trem, and here is their reply: Hi Eric, Thank you for your email// Yes we have considered this and we have several other new products that we are working on at the this time.. We

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