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Asetians and Sexuality

Greetings everyone, I wanted to open this discussion after a thought I had about it, during a discussion that came up on Twitter with some other occultists. I will try to be straight-forward. Somehow, and I am unsure from where (unsure of what post


Asetians, much have been told here, much have been taught and this forum is amazing, but i have come here because i have a message to the asetians. If you have read the bible then you saw that marques told about the bible being a book FOR THE ASETIANS to

Question concerning Asetians

I don't belive in pure Sanguinarian or pure psychic vampires...As depicted in the AB all true vampires are able to feed both psychically whether it be taking the life force from blood or other techniques...also feeding through non-contact or direct

Why did the Asetians abandon rulership?

After reading the following interesting post by Karnath, which I quote after my own text, I decided to ask you all a question: Why do you think that the Asetians left their Empire in the sacred lands of Kemet, and gave the throne to mankind? Like

Aset and mortals...

Simple Question: I have read the Asetian Bible with this question in mind and didn't get an answer. I hope that someone will please enlighten me....Well, I was wondering: would Aset take interest or help or interact in anyway with a human? Just

Asetians as parents...?

The AB goes into quite some detail about the varying characteristics and personal traits between the lineages, but doesnt mention much about anything where parenting is concerned. I would assume that the chances of an Asetian becoming a parent through

Vindictive Boss Please Pray

Y'all, Please pray for me. I had a dream Friday night about my work (which I posted), and I know God knows about the situation and how my supervisor treats me and one of my co-workers. I got very discouraged today because my supervisor didn't speak

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