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What's Poisonous to Birds

AVIAN POISONING 1.0 HOUSEHOLD POISONS 1.1 Polytetrafiuoroethylene (PTFE, Teflon, Silverstone) Used in non-stick surfaces of cookware, self-cleaning ovens, some ceramic heaters, bread makers, hair dryers, ironing board covers. Toxicity: At temperature

Stolen Budgies (Second theft in Hull)

Posting the link to the local newspaper regarding this. This is the second theft of aviary kept budgies in the Hull, East Yorkshir

Lost Parrot

Amazon Parrot Lost - (Red Lored ) Microchipped, On Medication, Late Monday 25th July. REWARD FOR RETURN. Lost from Moreton/Leasow Road area - Wirral . 07817409183

Baby and 1 yr old Budgies All Handraised Looking for Loving Birdy Homes!!

Hi Everyone Carol and I have spoken a few times and I should have posted this earlier but I have available to approved homes the following birds: I changed this post Thurs Apr 28 as the 2 little lovies found a great home!! yipppeee! Come on


Small domestic animals escape their homes, but are now captured again! Now, they have found a secret exit: A mouse hole! But some animals cannot fit...So they must find a solution before they go to the pet shop, where certain birds get their wings clipped

[No title]

Yesterday I put out food for the birds, as per normal. I watch them at about 5 pm at the feeders usually just before I start supper, then I went off to make a cup of coffee. I turned back to the window and there sitting on the tree was this Budgie. I

Are my birds sick?

hi their i have been looking through lots of sites on pigeon disease and canot find out why my birds droppings are like this.i have noticed this since sunday and have been treating for coccidiosis.all birds are still the same with wet droppings much highe

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