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Free forum : Mermaid Melody Fans

Free forum : Here is a group for all the fans of Mermaid Melody. If u r a Mermaid Melody Fans than sing in. You will have fun and lots of cute things.

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Newquay Dub Club

Newquay Dub Club is a FREE VW Owners Club based in Newquay Cornwall. We meet every Wednesday night from 7. 30pm onwards at the Mermaid Inn on Porth Beach, Newquay.

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Pirate princess (mermaid) parties

hi guys,i'm not sure if this is the right place to share this....but....i wanted to share my idea for pirate/princess/mermaid parties.i've been having a ton of pirate/princess (mermaid) parties least one every week, i put

Little Mermaid

Hey all! I've been a lurker on here for a while (thanks for all the tips!) but this is my first time posting. I'm helping with a local kids production of The Little Mermaid this summer. The director came to me with some ideas that she likes and I was

Mermaid song (and other undersea communication methods)

This came up in another thread, but it seems an interesting topic to discuss. Basically, it started with someone raising the question. "How do mermaids talk while underwater?" Since spoken words, like we use, transfer poorly in a liquid

Fantastica Mermaid Sketch [Image] is a sketch I made for fun. The mermaid monster/unit was my inspiration behind the sketch.What does everyone think?

mermaid tattoo

howdy! so freaking excited booked to get a new tattoo of jasmine becket-griffith's triple mermaid's. been looking for ages for just the right mermaids for my next tattoo as i wanted to represent my 3 daughters, when BAM i came across her web site in my

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