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New competative grey knightlist won me my first mach at toun

Hell everyone. this is my first post here and I thought I would share my luck with you guys and see if you had any suggestions for me. Well this Saturday was my 2nd game of 40k or miniature war gaming at all for that matter and i finally got to play my

GKs vs Necron carnage

Okay Brothers, I played a game against my bro today, didn't know whether he was going to play space wolves or necrons but we agreed to bring competitive 1250p lists so here's what I brought (a list which has untill now been very strong against eldar, old

1000 pts two competitive lists

Hi Brothers, There was a sale at my local GW store and I bought everything that was left of GK. Here is the list: 2 boxes of Terminator (paladins) 1 box of GKSS 1 Razzorback 1 dreadnaught (venerable) 1 Dreadknight 1 Draigo Me and my

S7R Forza 4 B-Class Tourney - Season 1

S7R Forza 4 B-Class Tourney - Season 1 Emotions ran high as Twelve (12) S7 Members fought from the Class C Title. While we haven't reached the goal of 16 yet, the event was highlighted by the season's first appearances of Glock and Sticky. Hopefull

Back to my beloved DE. 1850 point competative list

So, where to begin... I am back. Its been almost a year since my last post here. I was tired of the 6th edition effect on DE and the glass cannon playstyle  so I started to play Necrons. Now a year later, I miss my true love and I have come back....

Are Allies Really Necessary for Dark Eldar to be truly competitive in today's environment?

Heya all, It's been a few weeks since the new Eldar codices are out (with the new Iyanden book coming out just a week ago) and this have given Dark Eldar an unique opportunity to have options beyond our wildest dreams. However this leads to one of m

750 no comp competative, small beastpack?

Hey guys, got a 750 point tourney coming up soon, just wondering if a small beastpack could be viable? List below, appreciate Ur feedback. Hammy, LG, VB 3 wracks Venom 2 lots of 5 worriors in venoms Y 2 beastmasters, 10 khymera 2 tripple

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