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Free forum : Artistic Dreams

Free forum : Designs useing digital graphics and photography.

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M.O.A Cosplayer club forums

A group dedicated to cosplay, anime, and people who know its fun and love the artistic part of it this group is serious about our goals and we love to cosplay and watch anime. we are located in Savannah GA and Atlanta GA

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Photoshop Addicts

Let us get close to life's beauty and artistic features.

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Artistic freedom in Conan

I want to writte this aluding to a big difference between John Milius and true fascist phylosophies, in order to put a little more light in the director's personality and his black legend, though in no way one can ever understand complexity and

Tara Lipinski - 1991 US Artistic Roller Skating Nationals

Here's a video of 1998 Olympic Champion, Tara Lipinski at the 1991 US Artistic Roller Skating Nationals (she was around 8 or 9 years old here). This was before she transitioned onto the ice. It's kind of fun to see how her skating artistry hadn't really

Man Lung Artistic Pot Plants

I just got this book off E Bay for $22 US including shipping. Lots of photographs of Chinese style Bonsai. And even a section on stones.

A Little Artistic Inspiration

This is one of my favorite places on the web: Yes, the Museum of BAD Art. If you go for a visit, don't just look (gawk) at the paintings - be sure to read the descriptions (also, how the museum began). If yo

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