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Armstrong Hight School Anime Club

A site for the anime club of Armstrong High School. Class of 2012- ??

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Dead Sara forum

Free forum : Forum for all fans of L. A. hard rock band Dead Sara

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Dan Armstrong Bass Repair Video

This little video arrived today from my close personal friend, Dan Erlewine. It's interesting in itself, but of particular interest because of the Dan Armstrong connection: LINK

Another fantastic opportunity... not Westone strictly but maybe Dan Armstrong

Yeah it is before Westone but an interesting tale nonetheless... Again with the premium price. Perhaps this time

Dan Armstrong for sale

Hey guys, just thought I'd post this one in case anyone is interested, I'm not sure if its a good deal, but I do know that these are rare guitars. I'm not affiliated with the store just thought I'd share it with you so one of you could get it if you want

Bitten (Kelley Armstrong TV show)

SPACE Orders New Original Canadian Drama BITTEN I don't know if anyone else here reads Kelley Armstrong's books, but they mostly deal with supernatural things: werewolves, vampires, witches, demons, necromancers, etc. Her first novel, Bitten, is going

Mis-labeld Westone Villain Standard on eBay: NOT a Dan Armstrong Signature This page explains that the Villain Std can come with a Dan Armstrong Rock Monster

Armstrong Siddeley diesel engine...

Well, i've bought another old diesel. An Armstrong Siddeley single cylinder. The serial number is DE13477. It says 8hp at 1200rpm. I've had it running and it goes okay. It hadn't been started for a few months and produced a load of black smoke at

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