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A place where winx fans live and thrive!

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A message board dedicated to constructive discourse and the archiving of useful information on all aspects of practical self-defense/personal combat.

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NU vs. OU rain dance

This is a NU warstory. I recently made a NU team that was so effective; I decided to start using it in the upper tiers. It does lose, it has a 17-5 ratio, which I am very proud of. Unfortunately, there are many bad sports on Pokémon Online, the server

Mono-Poison (and no hate :D)

Alright, here is my mono-poison RMT. It is a mono, so of course, I have tons of weaknesses to psychic and ground and whatnot. Some of the pokemon are repeated from other RMTs and have their original description, as I didn’t feel like retyping the whole

Retro-tastic XTI Car Unveiled!

Today XTI released teaser shots of the car to be used for the 2011 Summer GT Series. Based off of XTI's first season in TORA, the 2010 Shelby GT500 will be clad in the XM Radio scheme, similar to the one off the deFerran Acura, and since no references wer

[CS] One step closer to my dream program

I made an archiving program today. Basically, it just writes directories and text files inside them. I managed to use an assertion as a password, now I just have to figure out how to make a hidden directory and I'll be able to archive my passwords safely.

6 Gen Technician Scyther/Scizor PLEASE

Hey guys, anyone wanna help me out with either a Technician Scyther/Scizor with decent IV's please... Would be indebted to you. Thanks

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