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The Treeing Walker is one of the greatest coonhound breeds created. This site is created with a love for the breed and the history of the breed. Finley River, Spring Creek, Banjo, House Bloodlines.

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"Pure breed Coonhound pups WANTED"(lookin 4)

Lookin 4 Pure bred Coonhound pups any crosses like a Bluetick coonhound, Walker coonhound, Plott hound, Black and Tan coonhound, Redbone coonhound to English coonhound mainting find pig willing 2 buy 2 pups and make da trip outdea. Send me pix's to my

Redbone/walker hound

she's a tracker/grabber short-med range good dog Asking $250.00 640-5993

Swamp People

Anyone watch this show on TV? I don't watch much TV (aside from NCIS) but I was able to talk to Terral Evans from Season 2 recently and now I kinda like the show! Did you know he's a coon hunter? I ended up writing an article about him for Coonhound

Black and tan coon hound pups

pure bred pups for sale. $800.


Today in the Ads From The Past Section we posted a stud ad on GRAND NITE CHAMPION HARDWOOD BUSTER II /ads-from-the-past-f51/hardwood-buster-ii-t1855.htm

What is coonhound paralysis

hi iam looking at a bluetick female an the guy said she has coonhound paralysis and can only have dead coons and cant fight a coon thats not dead so am wondering what it is rich

Head shaking

My male swiss hound shakes his head when he barks some one told me he might have a yeast infection in his ears. he has long ears like a coon hound. They dont look dirty but want some input please.

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