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Trip to Aquarist Worl in White Center

So Aquarist World is just around the block from my office. I go there for all my filter supplies and today was media day. They have some great prices on media and there is a ton of stuff to look at in this store. I took a few pictures of the


So I was driving by my local store and noticed a huge going out of business banner. I talked to the owner and he told me the lease was up in December. So as of now he is doing buy 2 get 1 free on the fish and supplies. I told him I would post and let you

Aquarist World- White Center

Overall Experience 4 Cost 4 Quality of Fish 4 Variety 3 Service 4

North Sound Reefers meeting

Thats Reefers as in saltwater reef persons! Not what you all were thinking! Anyway, there is a meeting of the north end saltwater aquarist this coming saturday the 22nd at 9 am to 11 am at The Red Sea Aquarium in Shoreline. The address is 522 NE 165th

Flowerhorns at aquarist world in the white center

so this store has two tanks of flowerhorn fry they are a super red dragon x jing kang cross. The price is $7.99 or 2 for $15 at 1-2" . a few different of the earth eater type cichlids are available at great prices if you buy two also I saw vampire tetras

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